Reginé Gilbert

Designer, Author, Professor & Accessibility Advocate
Joe Natoli

The Business Case for Inclusion and Accessibility

Rather than scaring people with threats of possible lawsuits, Reginé makes a truly compelling case to start from accessibility and inclusion by default. There are so many real-life examples where the adoption of inclusion from the start actually resulted in a financial gain: so let’s start from the positives. And if you think that making the products you build properly inclusive is just too big a task, Reginé’s here to change your mind: start from best UX and design practices from the beginning, and you’ll be most of the way there. The reality is that once you become aware of the incredible impact that inclusive design can have, you’ll make it your mission to make it a default feature of all your future projects.

Learning points:

  • How to turn inclusion into conversions
  • How to build accessibility and inclusion into your processes
  • Best tools to test your products
  • The difference between compliant and truly accessible
  • An indispensable takeaway tip

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