Esi Hardy

Inclusion Expert, Trainer, Speaker, Podcaster & Writer

Harness the Power of the Purple Pound with Inclusive Forms

Do you know what the “purple pound” is? It’s the mighty spending power of disabled households – and you should make sure you cater to them. For example, have you ever given proper thought to the forms you build for your own website, or your clients’? Forms are the most common way of interacting with our visitors, and yet we often might be inadvertently excluding people with our forms – therefore potentially leaving money on the table. Esi Hardy demonstrates why you should make your forms as inclusive as possible, the easy way. Make sure you harness the awesome power of the purple pound – as well as making the web a better place for everyone.

Learning points

  • The mighty power of the purple pound
  • How to make sure you cater to all needs
  • How inclusive forms can increase engagement
  • As well as the value of your brand and business

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