Dana James Mwangi

Entrepreneur, Brand Strategist, Google Digital Coach
Joe Natoli

Brand and Website Strategy that Converts

Using a case study, Dana James Mwangi does an exceptionally brilliant job of demonstrating how a solid research process can be translated into a beautifully designed, cohesive, consistent and effective visual product that converts. “Converting” can mean a variety of things: selling tickets, of course, but also creating community, reviving cultural heritage and affecting social change.  Dana’s exceptional talent as a designer is combined with her business acumen, and her ability to make a brand stand out, while making sure it delivers. One not to miss.

Learning points

  • Always start from research
  • How strategy affects your visual choices
  • Design inclusively: always be accessible
  • The 5-figure one-page website
  • Repeat after me: You’re a consultant. Get paid like one

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