Billy Carlson

Design Educator @ Balsamiq

Billy Carlson from Balsamiq

Currently a Design Educator at Balsamiq, Billy helps designers and product folks learn best practices of all phases of UI and digital product design through the Balsamiq Wireframing Academy. We create engaging videos, articles, webinars and courses to help rid the world of bad software. Previously, he built user-centered design teams at Health Care Service Corporation, and designed and launched countless products as Director of User Experience at Threadless. Billy has also served as an Adjunct at Northwestern University’s Segal Design Institute teaching introductions to Human-centered Design and UX Design for many years.

Content-led design with wireframes

Did you ever think that introducing wireframes in your design process was a bit of an overkill – if not even a waste of time? I have to confess that I did sometimes feel like I didn’t quite had the time to go via the wireframing step. How wrong I was! Billy explains how using wireframes means one thing mainly: wireframes will make sure your approach is content-led. Watch this talk to learn how a content-first approach to designing your product will lead to much stronger and more effective results.

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