Andrea Zoellner

Head of Growth at Kinsta
Joe Natoli

The Marketing Value of a Content-first Approach

Andrea Zoellner

Tuesday 18 May 2021
6:30 pm CEST/ 9:30 am PDT/ 10.30 MDT
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You’ve probably heard many times that a “content-first design approach” is key to a more efficient product creation, as well as resulting in better user experience. What does this mean in practical terms, though, and where should we start from? Andrea’s talk will centre on the strategic value of crafting a content-first approach to marketing and how Marketing, Design, and Sales can work together to build a successful buyer’s journey and increase conversions.

Learning points

  • What “content-approach” means in practical terms
  • How a solid content strategy affects marketing results
  • The way to a smooth and happy user’s journey
  • Good content means better conversions

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