Win on the web by putting users at the centre

Improve sales by design

Watch the live conference for free: 15+ industry expert sessions teaching you how to increase your conversions, be more productive and multiply your earning potential by putting people first.

Free for the duration of the online event, 17-20 May 2021

Access the riches of The Purple Pound by creating accessible forms

Nail your sales messaging by getting to know your users intimately

Marvel at how investing in UX will give you maximum ROI

Learn how to create a chatbot that boosts engagement

Power-charge your production and build processes with Design Thinking

Build a solid brand that gets you raving fans

Harness the power of images to attract a diverse clientele

Learn how to design for speed and performance

Use the power of words to create rock-solid designs

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Free online event | 17-20 May 2021

How it works

17-20 May 2021

The conference will start streaming for free on Monday 17th May 2021 and will run for 3 days. Sign up to get free access beforehand and then follow the instructions you'll receive by email to start watching. Simple.

Most of the talks are pre-recorded, and the speakers will be available at the time of the streaming of their session: you will be able to ask them questions in the chat box on their session's page. So make sure you take notes!

From Friday 21st of May, the videos will be available only to the holders of the Lifetime Access Pass, together with a host of other bonuses. You will be given multiple opportunities to buy at a reduced price before that final date.

"I've got virtual conference fatigue"

Yeah I hear you. It's been quite the year for virtual gatherings where we're staring at people talk on a screen in our own home, instead of seeing them live on a stage. I feel the same.

That's why we made sure that every talk includes one simple, immediately actionable tip that you'll be able to implement straight away. It will make it 100% worth your while.

Moreover, when you buy the Lifetime Access Pass, you get a video with the main highlights from the conference. This way, you'll know exactly which of the talks you want to watch, without wasting any time.

Companies our speakers work with

Our speakers are the best.

We're extremely proud of our line-up of speakers. Every single one of them is exceptional, in one way or another. And they're teaching you from experience, with the specific aim of getting you to achieve more sales – by design. These are some just some of the companies our speakers work with.

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