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The Accessible Typography course

Want to increase your audience instantly? Get a head start with the Accessible Typography course. Simply by making sure that your typography and interactive text are accessible to everyone – and compliant – you can expand your audience by as much as 25%. And start converting much more! Without any marketing gimmicks or expensive advertising. Now, that’s a relief.

“Essential for anyone creating content on the web”

I was struggling with my mindset from print to web typography, and this course has given me a great understanding on how to make the most of web typography when transitioning from print design. It should be compulsory. I can’t wait for the next workshop by Piccia, I’ll be sure to jump on board.

Belinda White
Arttia Creative

“Piccia’s Typography Masterclass is the most useful course ever”

It’s essential for everyone who works with websites, at every level. This course could not be more comprehensive. Thanks to what I learnt, I was able to increase conversions on my own as well as on clients’ websites. Now I know that my typography is accessible as well as beautiful.

Barbara Saul
The Blog Mistress

“The Typography course shifted my respect to a new level”

Your depth of knowledge and enthusiasm for the subject was highly infectious, I wouldn’t have missed it for quids. […] I learnt far more about typography than I expected. As an added bonus I finally started to understand creating a colour palette, in a way that hadn’t penetrated before.

Rick Jackson
Web Designer

Expand your reach and increase conversions with this practical typography course focusing on accessibility

Accessible Typography course modules

  • Essentials of Typography

    All the basics of type, always from an accessibility angle

  • Choosing and Pairing Typefaces

    Practical advice on how to make the right decision, on a real-world example

  • Designing with Type

    From semantic structure to visual hierarchy: how to set compliant type

  • Accessible Interactive Type

    Creating user interfaces that are easy to use, beautiful and compliant

  • Bonus Workshop

    Sign up before 12 July to get access to an exclusive workshop

  • Resources & quizzes

    Downloadable assets & interactive exercises to consolidate learning

Accessible typography side effects

Do you know what typography is also good for? Great branding. This course goes beyond just making your typography accessible: it also teaches you how to make the right visual choices for your project, based on the needs of the business you are designing for.

Accessible typography also improves UX as well as SEO

Good UX follows good user interfaces. If your interface is well designed, that means your UX will improve. What’s more, designing typography and interactive text that are accessible to everyone – and compliant with the law – leads to the inevitable side effect of optimising your SEO. This course will teach you how.

That’s why I feel confident when I tell you that when you implement what you’ve learnt in this course, you can end up expanding your audience by as much as 25%. And start converting much more! Without any marketing gimmicks (what a relief, hey!)

“Thanks to Piccia’s knowledge and advice, my websites have hugely improved”

I knew nothing about typography before I started learning from Piccia. I had no idea how much there could be to learn or how important it is in making our sites accessible and usable by more people. With Piccia’s fabulous knowledge and insights my designs are now miles better!

Nathan Wrigley

Hi, I’m Piccia

Piccia Neri on terrace

No more money left on the table or people left out of your products. Now I’m going to teach you all I know about how to increase your audience, your conversions and your karma with accessible typography that’s compliant as well as beautiful.

Typography for me was always one of the most important ingredients of good design

From editing, designing and typesetting art books for my own little arts publishing company in the 90s, I spent the following decades design publications for major museums, institutions and corporations in the UK and globally: the National Gallery, the Tate Gallery, Unilever, the British Council, the Sunday Times Magazine and more.

Getting the type right was always a primary concern.

Typography is a major element of user interfaces, and it needs to be accessible

On the web, I work hard to make sure that type is treated as an integral part of the user interface. Of all the websites that I review, most have some typographical issue that they should sort out in order to be accessible or even legible. If your typography is not accessible, that means your websites are not usable by everybody. You may well be leaving money on the table - as well not complying with legal requirements, and human solidarity!

“Piccia Neri’s typography wisdom is the reason the conversion rate on my landing page 4x-ed overnight. Literally.”

What’s inside the Accessible Typography course

3. Designing with Type

Accessible interfaces starts with content. How we mark up text plays a vital role in whether our pages will be easily parsed by a screen reader or other assistive devices. We’ll look at doing this the right way, before delving into how to arrange type visually in a way that’s appealing as well as accessible. Includes a chapter on colouring type accessibly, and one on punctuation.

1. Essentials of Typography

All the typography basics, always with our accessibility hat on. You’ll learn how to make informed choices based on what’s best for the people who use your products, rather than personal preference. All of the information contained in this first module provides you with solid basic grounding towards an accessible interface that converts more.

Extra resources for you

I believe in learning by doing, so this course comes with plenty of Figma files for you to keep, as well as downloadable slides, cheat sheets and other resources. Every lesson has a quiz at the end, and of course it’s transcribed and captioned.

2. Choosing and Pairing

The best typeface for a project is not necessarily the prettiest. There is a lot to bear in mind when making decisions that lead to an accessible typeface that’s also true to the brand. We’ll start working on a real project in this module. I will be accepting submissions from students, so feel free to submit your own project for a chance to see it featured in the course. Deadline: 5 July 2022

Bonus Workshop opportunity

Enroll in the course before Tuesday 12 July 2022, and get into an exclusive live workshop. Places are limited but in case of overflow or clashing time zones, I’ll be happy to organise a second workshop.

4. Accessible Interactive Text

Here comes the really juicy part. What are interfaces made of, if not text? We’ll learn at how to style some of the most common elements, such as links, tables, lists, forms and buttons in a way that ensures accessibility, without skimping on beauty.

Enroll in the Accessible Typography course today

And get a bonus live workshop.
Only if you enroll before 12 July 2022


Accessible Typography course content and release dates

  • 1. Essentials of Typography

    First module to be released on 26 July 2022

  • 2. Choosing & Pairing Typefaces

    Second module to be released on 2 August 2022

  • 3. Designing with Type

    Third module to be released on 9 August 2022

  • 4. Accessible Interactive Text

    Fourth module to be released on 23 August 2022

  • Bonus workshop

    Accessible Interactive Type workshop on a date to be confirmed

  • The Typography 101 course

    For your immediate gratification

  • Resources & downloads

    Transcripts, cheat sheets, quizzes, Figma files, exercises and course slides

  • Entirely yours

    Access to all recordings & materials for the lifetime of the project

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I took The Typography Masterclass. Should I take this course?

    Yes you should! The course is entirely re-written, with a steady focus on accessibility. Of course, there’s quite a bit that you will have heard before, but there’s also loads more that you haven’t yet. Check your email for your 75% discount!

  • You've changed the delivery dates for this course. Why?

    Yes, I found myself having to put off the delivery dates: I got ill after WordCamp Europe 2022, plus an unexpected trip to Italy to help look after my mother.

  • Is the course pre-recorded?

    Yes, the course is pre-recorded. It will start being delivered on 26 July 2022.

  • Do you hold an accessibility certification?

    Not yet, although I am on it and I will proudly sport a certificate soon. Even so, I have taken many courses on accessibility so that you don’t have to. I know a heck of a lot about accessible design, and my aim is to present all that I have learnt to you, in the easiest way for you to apply it.

  • Will the course be supervised by accessibility experts?

    It most certainly will. I have enlisted the help of a number of accessibility experts, for instance Vicent Sanchis Opens in new window, a scientist of vision with a focus on web accessibility. Vicent will also deliver a talk on colour contrast for our course members.

  • What do I get if I join today?

    You get access to the short but perfectly formed Typography 101 Opens in new window course, for your immediate gratification, and a seat on an accessible interactive type workshop.

  • Can I change my mind?

    Of course. You have 30 days to change your mind. Please check my Refund Policy Opens in new window for details.

  • Will the course have practical examples?

    Yes. The course will be based on real world cases. You will get Figma files and other downloads.

  • Your site isn't perfect.

    No. It isn’t! Newsflash: no site is perfect. But it’s a damn good effort anyway, and one I’ll keep working on.

  • I have a question not listed here

    Please email me and I’ll be happy to answer.


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